Empty Promises - Guido Marzorati & Elisa Marzorati

Live at Teatro Malibran

Live at "Teatro Malibran" in Venice, 8 December 2013.  Photo by Roberto Moro.

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About the new album...

03 king for a night cover photo.jpg

Marty Rifkin on "King for a Night"

Live in Wetzikon (CH)

Live with The Blugos in Wetzikon (CH) 06.12.2013.

Live in Bäretswil (ZH) - Springsteen Session

Live with Gospel choir Bäretswil ZH - 02.11.2013.

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Press in Switzerland

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Marty Rifkin - pedal steel guitar - on our new album "King for a night"! You can hear him on "King for a night" "Petrolkiller" and "Are you there?"

Bill Toms & Phill Brontz on "King for a Night"

Bill Toms - electric guitar - and Phill Brontz - sax - on our new album "King for a night"! You can hear them on "The great escape"

Sandra Rippstein & Maja Remensberger on "King for a Night"

Sandra Rippstein and Maja Remensberger - backing vocals - on our new album "King for a night"!

Stefano Silenzi on "King for a Night"

Stefano Silenzi  - electric guitar -on our new album "King for a Night"